Nelson Mandela “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”


For SOYEN, education is the number ONE priority to work on in order to bring economic prosperity and happiness in the communities. Our mission is to make high quality, affordable education accessible to all. To this end, our research is focused on education infrastructure design innovation, STEAM curriculum development, education technology vulgarization, and the reduction of  other education related costs.


“Energy is a vector of construction or destruction of civilizations”
SOYEN is committed to make the former one prevail, what about me?


Given the challenges faced by the whole world to meet the increasing energy demand while preserving the environment, it is vital to have a multidisciplinary collaboration to guarantee that sustainable solutions are found in time. SOYEN research focuses on energy efficiency in building and transport sectors, on renewable energy systems development, and international energy investment facilitation.

Rural engineering

“Who runs out of heaven ends up wishing to be back.”


Rural infrastructure development presents a lot of opportunities to build better socio-economic models. From renewable energy, to sustainable farming, and the adoption of tech for trade, education, healthcare, …. Rural areas have the potential to become the ideal living place of the future. The goal of SOYEN is to assist partners to design projects that will transform faster the life of billions of rural population.

Albert Einstein” Imagination is more important than knowledge” 

At SOYEN, we continuously imagine alternative solutions until your problem is SOLVED !